St Peter's Choir

About the St Peter's Eastern Hill choir

The choir of St Peter's Eastern Hill is one of the oldest continuing Anglican church choirs in Melbourne, with records tracing a strong choral tradition right back to the 1850s. 

Aside from performing our annual concert series, including our annual performance of Handel's Messiah, we also lead the sacred music for our Sunday Masses as well as weekday feasts.

Our culture is collegiate, supportive and inclusive and committed to the highest standards of music and liturgy.

Our range of music

The St Peter’s choir is renowned for its Renaissance polyphony and Baroque music, but we also sing music from the Classical and Romantic periods as well as music by modern composers like Lauridsen and Tavener.

We're committed to keeping chant and plainsong as a major part of our services; as well as representing an ancient and reverent voice from the earliest days of the Church, we also value chant and plainsong because of its beauty and expressive spirituality.

Scholarships for singers

The choir supports up to eight choir scholarships, but we are always trying to expand this programme. If you are interested in a choir scholarship, contact the Director of Music Andrew Raiskums.

If you're interested in supporting our choir scholarship programme see our pages on supporting the choir.

Joining the St Peter's Choir

If you are interested in joining the St Peter's Choir please contact our music director Andrew Raiskums.

The choir is made up of both volunteers and choir scholars, professional musicians and people who sing because they love it. Our singers possess differing levels of technical expertise but confident sight reading is a great advantage.

About the director


Andrew Raiskums has been Director of Music at St Peter’s Eastern Hill since 2007.

Andrew’s involvement with choirs goes back to his Bachelor of Music at Melbourne University, where he studied piano, voice and conducting.

Taking up the role of director of music at St Peter’s, Andrew was keen to preserve the strong culture of music in the parish, to maintain the excellence of the choir and to expand its numbers and its repertoire.

Drawing on his love of the choral music of the High Renaissance period, Andrew has introduced many new Masses and motets into the choir’s repertoire by composers such as Josquin, Guerrero Palestrina, Victoria, Lassus, Monteverdi—often in editions he has prepared himself.

As well as conducting weekly Masses and feasts at the Hill, Andrew has also led choir’s celebrated annual performances of Handel’s Messiah since 2007.

These performances that have involved some of Australia’s finest singers and instrumentalists and have drawn praise from audiences and critics alike.

Twice the Choir has been invited to St Mary’s Sorrento to perform the Messiah for sold-out audiences on the Peninsula. 

Andrew helped establish choral scholarships at St Peter’s, which has revitalised the choir and brought in singers who have subsequently gone on to enjoy successful soloist and ensemble careers overseas.

Andrew has also overseen a recent initiative to increase the numbers of scholars in the choir, again through external sponsorship and donation, which will hopefully give the choir flexibility to increase its repertoire, allow for an Assistant Organist and help establish a concert series outside of weekly services. 

When not being the music director at St Peter's Andrew is is music director of his own choir, Gloriana Chamber Choir, which has played a central role in the performance of choral repertoire in Melbourne since it was established in 1994. 

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